Tandem Kayaks

TandemOur Pamlico 135T tandem kayaks are a great option for one adult with a child, or two adults with a combined weight of less than 425 lbs. All of our tandem kayaks have seats with adjustable back support, foot braces, and large cockpit for easy exit in case of tip-over, and are built for stability.The Pamlico 135T is made by Wilderness Systems. It is 13'5" in length and 31" wide, has room between the seats for a duffel or small cooler, and a dry storage hatch in back for clothing etc. The Pamlico is a great blend of stability and maneuverability and is perfect for the Pere Marquette River.

Jackson Kayak just came out with this new Tandem Riviera. This is a sit-on-top for an adult and child or a couple with a combined weight of less than 425 lbs. It's supposed to be extremely stable, and if you do capsize it never fills with water. We are trying this kayak out this year to see if we want to purchase more in the future. Reservations recommended, we only have two!

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