Permit System
 The Pere Marquette River is one of only two rivers in Michigan that have daily watercraft limits which are enforced by the U.S. Forest Service. This is done through a permit system.
Baldwin Canoe Rental is a commercial permit holder, which allows us to use the Forest Service access sites for commercial watercraft use. If you are renting your watercraft from Baldwin Canoe rental, the permit is included with rental. If you have your own personal watercraft you must acquire a permit from the Forest Service. For more info visit
Have Your Own Watercraft page. The reservation fee for private permits is $2.00 per watercraft.
Permits are required from M-37 Bridge to Walhalla Bridge, which is approx. 12 hours of paddle time.  There are three sections of river within this stretch.  Each section is approx. 4 hrs. of paddle time.
Section #1      M37 Bridge to Bowman Bridge
Section #2      Bowman Bridge to Upper Branch Bridge
Section #3      Upper Branch Bridge to Walhalla Bridge

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