Have Your Own Watercraft

There are two types of paddlers who have their own watercraft: those who are part of a group who are renting watercraft from us and those on their own (no rentals).

If you have your own canoes or kayaks and are not renting any watercraft:

  • The U.S. Forest Service limits the number of watercraft allowed on the river each day though a permit system. Call the U.S. Forest Service (231-745-4631) or go to www.recreation.gov to reserve a daily permit for each of your watercraft. The permit fee is $3.00 per watercraft. They will need to know which section of river you wish to paddle, as there is a daily limit in each section. We recommend that you request Section #2 or #3. , because most of our rental customers are in Section #1, therefore, it is a busier stretch of river.

  • If you need some help choosing a trip, feel free to call us to discuss your options.

  • We offer car spotting service to non-renting paddlers. This means we will move your car for you from the starting point to the finish point while you are on the river. Bring an extra set of keys if possible, and call ahead if possible. We do not allow (non-renting) private paddlers to catch a ride on our buses!

  • 2017 Car Spotting Fees:
    • Section #1 $25.00
    • Section #2 $30.00
    • Section #3 $35.00
  • The U.S. Forest Service charges a $5.00 daily parking fee at their access sites. You can get a daily pass at the forest ranger station, Baldwin Canoe Rental, or use the fee tube at the landing. But, don't forget ($75.00 ticket)! $15.00 weekly and $30.00 annual parking passes are also available.

  • Most of the access sites are used by multiple river users, private paddlers, commercial paddlers, drift-boats, etc. When unloading your watercraft to start you trip, please do not park your vehicle in front of the water access. Unload your canoes and kayaks off to the side, and only place your watercraft in the launching area when you are prepared to immediately launch. If you have a large vehicle and trailer, please do not plug up the landing or traffic flow areas.

  • When you have finished your trip, if you are not prepared to immediately load, please move your watercraft out of the landing to the stacking area. The landings can become congested very quickly if watercraft are left at the water's edge. When loading your canoes or kayaks, park off to the side of the access site as to not block traffic or plug the landing area. Please be courteous to others and move your vehicle out of the landing area as soon as possible. Leave no trash at any landing unless in receptacle.

  • Remember that you must be off the river no later than 6PM, so plan your trip accordingly. On Saturdays in July and August, all commercial and private permits are usually filled, so the starting points are very busy for a few hours. 10:00AM to noon is the busiest time, if you can launch before 10:00 you will see a lot less people, see more wildlife and be able to launch without delay.

  • There is a daily watercraft permit limit on each section of the Pere Marquette, so reserve ahead if possible. If the private permits are filled on the section that you wanted, you will need to paddle a different stretch of river, or rent if available. Our commercial permits are also limited and are not transferable to your private watercraft.

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