Dear Group Leader:

Under the U.S Forest Service permit system, river rules have been established in an effort to preserve and protect the Pere Marquette River for the enjoyment by future generations. We at Baldwin Canoe Rental care deeply about the river resource. It is our hope that we always convey that concern to you the customer, and you in turn help to protect this wonderful resource. With that in mind, please make all members of your group aware of these rules prior to your arrival.

Thank You!

1. Watercraft hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. so plan your trip with this in mind. Give your group extra time to complete their trip without being hurried.

2. All items must be fastened to the canoe, (no loose trash). Rope and trash bags are available at the canoe and campground offices. The fine for littering is $100.00

3. For environmental reasons, glass bottles, Styrofoam coolers and balloons are not allowed on the river.

4. Alcohol limit: Baldwin Canoe Rental wants you to be responsible when consuming alcohol.

5. Coolers should be small enough to carry with one hand and keep on your lap on the bus ride to and from the river. No large chest coolers and no Styrofoam coolers.

Group Leaders, please make our alcohol and cooler policies known to your group. We will enforce them, but we do not wish to surprise or frustrate anyone.

6. Respect the rights of private property owners, and other river users. Stay off private property, be quiet when approaching anglers and keep any horseplay confined to your group.

7. Camping on the waters edge is not allowed, except at designated camp sites.

8. Towing an innertube or tying watercraft together is not allowed.

9. Fire works of any kind are not allowed on the river.

10. Please leave the river as it was when you arrived. Do not take driftwood, vegetation, or creatures. Take only pictures and leave only paddle tracks

Individuals failing to abide by these rules can expect to forfeit their group security deposit, and receive appropriate fines by the U.S. Forest Service.

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